These are the upcoming firings at my studio for 2020.

September 17-27, 2020 (unloading on October 10) – FULL
November 12-22, 2020 (unloading on November 29th) – space available

50th Firing Anniversary, fall of 2021 – info to be announced in fall of 2020

If you are interested in participating, please email me at We are of course cognizant of the Covid-19 virus and how it might affect decisions on scheduling. As of now, these dates are planned. If anything changes, we’ll post it here.

We encourage artists and students from all over the country to participate in the firings. Schools that have participated in the past include the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, the Rhode Island School of Design, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Bennington College, Skidmore College, Salve-Regina University, Harvard University, Dartmouth High School, Barnstable High School and New Canaan High School in Connecticut.

Each participant (share) may bring up to 10 cubic feet of work. Work from all participants gets loaded into the kiln, and every consideration is given to insure that everybody gets equal space. The kiln is loaded by both a shelf and a tumble-stack method, and consequently, the shape and size of the pieces often determine where and how it is stacked in the kiln. 

All participants are expected to be present during the loading cycle. Work may be designated to be loaded in any of the three chambers. All work must be removed from the site at the end of the firing. 

Fees and Participation:

The firing fee covers the cost of doing the firing, and is currently set at $325 per share. Shares may only be divided if they are purchased by a school. All participants must help in the prep days, loading, firing and cleanup of the kiln. Work shifts are scheduled usually a month or so before each firing to prepare for the firing: organizing the wood, prepping shelves and cleaning of the kilns. Each person who participates in the firing must sign up for shifts. There are usually four firing shifts per person (eight hour shifts) during the firing, but the number of shifts may vary depending on number of participants. You must help with both the loading and cleanup of the kiln.

All of the firing fees are nonrefundable. Because of the lead time needed to purchase wood and the commitment of the participants in both their studio work and personal scheduling for the firing of the kilns, it is very difficult to replace your space. Therefore, if you pay for your space and back out, you must forfeit your fee. Your emergency is not mine, and by backing out of the firing you leave all of us in a precarious situation, in scheduling shifts and manning the firing.

There are housing opportunities on site, though they are limited. We have lots of room for tents or campers. There is an Airbnb on site (South Coast Artists Farmhouse), which has four rooms and is available for most firings. Special room rates for the firings are $50 per night. Other Airbnb’s and hotels are in the area. It is highly recommended to have a vehicle, as the studio and kiln site are located in a rural area.

If you are interested in participating in the firings, please contact me at for further information. The participant list fills quickly, so early sign-up is recommended.