BGSU, oh 2010


Visiting Artists Dan Anderson, Barry Bartlett and Chris Gustin
Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH
Workshop October 2010, Firing December 2010

In the fall of 2010, John Balistreri invited myself, Dan Anderson and Barry Bartlett to come out to Bowling Green State University and work in the clay studio for a week. We each made a series of pieces while working amongst the students, with classes coming and going all week. When we left, our pieces were bisque fired and we all returned in early December to glaze and then fire the school’s anagama.

This was one of those rare workshops where the goal was to simply work and hang out with the students. The pace was relaxed and easy, our conversations and discussions ongoing, and with the opportunity to come back and fire our work, the students got to see our thought processes in real time throughout the making process. It was a wonderful experience working with Dan and Barry, and can only wish that more schools would give the time and space to make this type of workshop happen for their students.