cloud series


cloud series

Early in my career, someone told me, “When I was little, my sister could always see things in clouds, but I never could. As much as I looked, I only saw a cloud. But after I sat with your work for three weeks, I can now look at the sky and see all kinds of things.”

That comment has always stuck with me, finding root in the series of large-scale vessels that I have made over the last fifteen years. But as the work matured and questions resolved, a new thought crept into my studio, one that was asking me to explore the possibilities of enclosing the vessel form to speak of volume and all its possibilities for metaphor in another way.

The Cloud Series is the first body of work I’ve made that explores pure form. This body of work covers a two-year span, one that has opened doors to abstraction that are both exciting and daunting. By inviting both the hand and eye to explore the forms, I hope to evoke numerous memories, recollections that have the potential to change from moment to moment, provoking connections that go past the intellectual to the innate. By using forms that evoke humility, generosity, sensuality and fullness, I am asking the viewer to seek connections on a deeply personal level.